Disruptive Disrespectful Challenging Behavior Transformation

Confidence Builds Success Academy trains educators and parents  how to manage disruptive, disrespectful students with less stress and conflict. Together we can have bullying become obsolete and civility a way of life.

Confidence Builds Success Academy, Inc 501c3 offers
this training FREE to Educators in Brevard County, FL.

Training for Teachers, Counselors, SRO Officers

Confidence Builds Success Training is designed for members of schools,  nonprofits, families and community organizations.

It is designed to get children’s cooperation more easily, to decrease discipline problems and increase confidence, resilience and academic success.

As a result, a culture of civility, dignity, and harmony in all relationships can be  created.


Professional Development Days or 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour or 16-hour training is available.  Customized workshops, Personal Development Coaching, or Keynote Address can be designed to meet your needs.

PTO, Parents, Grandparents

Get Kids Cooperation and Respect Workshops. PTO presentations, and Mindful Parenting Groups inspire even the most difficult child to cooperate .

Why Take This Training


Professional Development for Schools or District

2-Hour, 4-Hour 6-Hour and 16-Hour Customized Training

Confidence Builds Success Academy provides educators with tools and strategies so they can respond to students in a way that builds their confidence, develops their resilience, promotes their cooperation, and develops their social-emotional skills. This groundbreaking training has proven to decrease discipline problems, increase attendance, increase academic success, and increase job satisfaction, thus, contributing to the overall physical and mental well-being of educators and their students.

Professional Development Training

CARE Training and TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training can be customized for your Professional Development Day or implemented school wide.



  • Fewer discipline problems so you have more time to teach.
  • Get results and cooperation even with disruptive students.
  • Feel more energized and enthusiastic throughout the day.
  • Compliments PBIS principles by using respectful non-punitive oriented interventions and on-going assessment of student’s needs.


  • Can resolve conflict with civility and respect.
  • Feel more confident and secure.
  • Are less likely to hurt themselves or harm others.
  • Become more resilient in the face of adversity so they can focus on their work.
  • Believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully.

Maximize Your Classroom Management CARE Training

CARE Training is a ground-breaking solution to give educators effective strategies to get cooperation and respect from students while increasing their confidence, resilience and academic success. This results in decreased discipline problems and suicide and increased job satisfaction for educators. Schools can be safer as everyone is treated with dignity, civility, and respect.

Each CARE Module can be presented in a 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-Hour and 16 – Hour format. 

  • Confident - Social Intelligence for Cooperation
  • Aware - Connect for Effective Communication
  • Resilient - Emotional Intelligence for Engagement
  • Empowered - Leadership for Civility in All Relationship
TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training
TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training 16-Hour Training

The TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training is a transformational solution to bullying and living well with others. Certified Ambassadors would establish student TAG 4 Change Ambassadors to create a Good Looking School where everyone Looks for the Good in each other.

SRO Officers
TAG 4 Change Ambassador Certificate Training 8-Hour or 3-Day Training

Officers will be taught skills that engage students, so they are more willing to cooperate. Training improves attendance and decreases bullying, detentions, suspensions, expulsions and suicide. Schools can be safer as everyone is treated with dignity, civility, and respect.


PTO, Parents, Grandparents

As a PTO member, you have the ability to influence what happens at your school. Your dedication, willingness, and desire to make sure your children get a great education is admirable.

In this day and age, we want to create kids who can learn how to keep themselves safe in the face of adversity, to make good decisions that support their growth, and to have fun and do well. We want kids to know THEY MATTER. When kids know they matter, they are less likely to hurt themselves or others.

That is exactly what our training does at school and at home. Children:
  • Cooperate
  • Believe in themselves vs the mean words of the bully
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Get their work done
  • Know they matter

The Civility Leadership Training gives teachers and administrators new knowledge and skills to handle discipline in way that support the social and emotional growth of your children as they are guided to do what is right.

Invite Marty to your next PTO meeting.

Learn how her Confidence Builds Success Program can work to create a school where everyone looks for the good in each other. You can have more fun times together with less stress and hassle, and kindness be a way of life.

Parents and Grandparents Workshops

Get those disruptive, disrespectful, yet fabulous kids to cooperate.

Have more fun together.

Learn how to TAG Kids for Success each day.

Leave our interactive, dynamic, engaging, fun workshops with specific ways to communicate with your children that builds:

  • Trust
  • Understanding
  • Connection

Home can be a more peaceful and a place where everyone looks for the good in each other.

Heather Walcott, 50% reduction in stress!

Heather D Walcott. counselor and teacher, said:” Your workshop has reduced stress & conflicts daily by more than 50% on the job and in my personal life.” 

She says: “I used to be an authoritative parent, now I really am focusing on TAGGING (telling kids how Talented, Able, and Gifted they are) my kids and the students in my class. It has reduced the power struggles and conflicts I used to deal with. 

Not only is my older child back on track and achieving success at school but everyone is getting along better. 

At work, since I have been guiding the kids to communicate with each other vs just giving a time out or no recess to deal with an argument, they are developing empathy and cooperating. 

For the first time, the kids are encouraging each other to behave. Thank you, Marty. My life is much more peaceful, and work is more enjoyable.”

Have a question or concern? Want one-on-one Parent Coaching?

PARENT Says – “Yes, we need Civility Leadership Training in schools.”

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