Who could have imagined that my destiny was to take my TAG 4 Change Movement to Africa as a part of eliminating bullying worldwide. Using a new model of Emotional Intelligence, we teach adults and children how to relate to themselves and others with confidence, compassion, connection and civility.

In 2015 my life changed forever. Pastor Buni Alex, who had been bullied as a child, took my book “Get Clear, Get Confident, Get Going” off a pile of books to be burned at a church in Tanzania and contacted me to know more. In 2 years, Buni became our TAG 4 Change Africa Liaison and reached over 10,000 students & 1,500 pastors, teachers, and parents. By the time I arrived, we had a team of 5: Pastor Modi Emmanuel Victor, Peduni Esther, Musheb Feni Richard, Pastor Nsubuga Frederick and Luyijja Mugagga and our program well established in 10 schools and churches.

Joining me on this trip was Christina Stuart, Christina Stuart Photography, our dedicated and well-loved photojournalist. She was a “child magnet!” Everywhere we went, the children gathered around her and squealed with joy when they saw their picture. This album reveals her special gift as a photographer.

Kids drinking water from puddles is just NOT Ok! How about being a part of saving 12,800 kids from dirty water! Know more about it HERE


For 3 glorious weeks, we squeezed into our Toyota van singing and laughing our way through Uganda. We called it our “Love Bubble” because of the love shared between us. Our mission as a team was to Eliminate Bullying/caning of children and wives by sharing the next evolution in personal and child development principles so that children and adults can believe in themselves rather than the mean words and deeds of the bully. We showed them how to see each other as the gift they are and to know that BEING ME MATTERS.


The homes & restaurants in the countryside had no running water or electricity. Some had solar power. Food was prepared on open fires and came directly from farm to table. We bathed in plastic tubs with boiled water. Toilets were outhouses. We carried our personal supply of toilet paper wherever we went.

Uganda is a country and people of constant contrast

  • Loving, caring, joyous enthusiastic people believed to be a good parent or husband they had to cane their children and wives.
  • They navigate narrow, rutted, roads dotted with people, animals and bushes with grace and ease and yet the aggression of a prize fighter getting through a crowd.
  • While they have no running water or toilets in the countryside, they are always neat, clean and washed. They sweep the dirt in front of their homes and businesses.

A leftover cultural pattern from the British rule is women curtsey and kneel to greet you. They are expected to serve men and do not eat with the men or guests. They work hard morning til night. Many are business women. They farm, create arts and crafts, bake, teach, nurse, pastor and run schools.

Can you help? We have just 11 more water filters to go! Kids drinking water from puddles is just NOT Ok! Help us reach the 12,800 kids in our other schools! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on how you can help.

Through the generous donations of 10 supporters of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc 501c3, all 10 schools that use our TAG 4 Change philosophy, received a water filter and soccer ball! They will have 300 gallons of clean water a day for 10 years to nurture their bright minds. Instead of a soccer ball made of banana leaves and plastic bags tied together with string, they now have a real soccer ball. As creative as theirs was, they love having a leather one!


We established a TAG 4 Change Scholarship program. Through the generosity of our community, 27 children are attending school, being fed, clothed and drinking clean water. They now know that we believe their dream counts and that BEING ME MATTERS!

Pastor Owino Simon Peter used the philosophy that I taught throughout Uganda of focus on what you want from children rather than want you don’t want. Not only did the children cooperate, but they also voluntarily went and put on their shoes!

If you could click on the link and donate and then share this link to help us ensure Marty can take a filter to every school, the kids and their parents would deeply appreciate it!

November – December 2018

When I heard that 100 pastors were going to gather in December 2018, I had to return to Uganda. Why? Because as influential and powerful as our 17 Ugandan team members are, the people want to hear our teachings from the founder.

The Success Ripple Effect

When I can influence one pastor to embrace our TAG Philosophy to honor and value their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) so that they can believe in themselves and to be Emotionally Intelligent leaders, they can then give that wisdom and knowledge to each adult in their community who then impacts the lives of their children on a daily basis. One bishop had 17 churches in his church community so that now thousands of families are being reached.

In addition, many pastors run schools. Now, the impact is even greater! Teachers are now getting more cooperation from children without beating them (as is their tradition) and women as well as men are valuing the gifts they give the world.


Another reason I returned to Uganda so soon is I wanted our team to have Toyota Van to make their work easier. They were reaching many of the schools by walking or riding a bike! Buni rode his bike 9 hours one time to speak at a school! When I asked why he would be willing to make such a difficult trip he said, “They needed me.”  With the help of many members of Women’s Prosperity Network and other generous donors in our community, I raised the $6,000 we needed to buy the van! Now the team could reach more schools.


With the van making travel easier, our team had been so successful in reaching out to schools that we went from having our program taught to 10 schools to 22 schools in just 6 months and our scholarship students went from 11 – 27! That meant that I needed to bring water filters and soccer balls for our new schools. I had delivered 10 in March and brought 22 more in November. We collaborate with to be sure schools have a clean water source. Each filter can deliver 300 gallons or clean water for 10 years! Approximately 12, 800 children and teachers are drinking clean water every day now!

Want to help? Since I was there in December, the word has spread and our program is now in over 60 schools! I will be bringing 48 filters in March 2020.  Help us by sponsoring a water filter and a soccer ball ( the kids gotta have fun! ), click here. It is very important all the schools have filters.

One of our scholarship students moved to a new school that did not have a filter. She has had typhoid fever twice! NOT OK! We are seeing if we can find someone going to Uganda to take a filter to her school sooner than March when I arrive.

The third reason was I was honored to graduate the first students from a school that was begun because the principal had heard me speak in March. She had learned about the importance of expressing her TAGs and how to develop children who believe in themselves. She decided to start a school so she could share that philosophy and make a real difference in the world! 

I also got the chance to visit several of our Scholarship students. Since March 2018, generous donors have been sending 27 children to school. We are particularly grateful to the Melbourne Chapter of Zonta International. They support 9 girls to go to school be sure that they are protected from human trafficking!  

Rinah dreamed of being a doctor. Her dad had died because he had not been cared for properly does not want any other children to lose their father unnecessarily. She had given up hope  that this dream would be fulfilled because she had lost faith in herself  and knew her mom was struggling financially. Once I defined her Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) so that she knew she could do it! With her scholarship in place, she is happily at high school and on her way to achieve her dream.

Here are more details about how you can help children’s dreams come true.

I had the opportunity to appear on a national Uganda TV program with Pastor Twina Herbert as well as three hour long radio shows which took our reached even further.

We began our expansion of our TAG Movement to Kenya speaking to over 150 parishioners. They had guest singers who are from Nairobi where there is a big problem with bullying and gangs. When they heard our formula for creating world humanity, they invited us to tour Kenya in March 2020 when I return for a month.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to increase our reach in Kenya and Uganda. 

From Our Team

Pastor Buni Alex is the Director of TAG 4 Change Movement in Africa

Buni Alex Congratulations Marty on being made an international peace ambassador! Your history was preparing you for this High calling of Global Peace we are beside you. All the parents and children who heard your message in Uganda and Kenya today treat each other with dignity and honour. Hence there is Harmony in families, Communities and Schools. You deserve that Ambassadorship.

Mugagga Belinda is one of our top leaders who has established an office in his community.

Mugagga Belinda – Reality is I have to testify since I started your teaching and reading and the manual Confidence Eliminates Bullying volume one and two,  totally my life has changed . When I was reading your Manual,  l reached where you say…”start where you are to get where you are going ” so I got confident I started with the little I had.  Now I see a different… I glorify God for you much love…… Mugagga Belinda


Buni Alex’s report on the Results of our Program in Uganda Fall 2019

March 2020 The Year of the COVID Pandemic

Bishop Thomas and Marty in Masai Dress

Undaunted the treat of the virus, on February 27th, I boarded a plane for Kenya.  

Original CBSA Training Center
Renovated CBSA Training Center
CBSA Training Center Bathroom
CBSA Training Center Shower
CBSA Training Center Tile Floors
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