Memorial Day and Answers

Memorial Day

A day of thanks to our armed forces and their families. Thank you all. We appreciate your sacrifice. One of my brothers served in the Marines in Okinawa and my other brother and former husband in the Navy in Viet Nam. They were lucky. They came home and were physically and emotionally OK.  I was blessed as well. 

I am having a hard time writing this post. My heart goes out to all the military and their families everywhere. Not just here…EVERYWHERE. Men and women are sent to do the unimaginable; what they have been taught their whole life not to do…kill and hurt someone else. How can we expect them to do that and not be affected? 

I heard on NPR this morning that they have a twitter site that asks: What did being in the military mean to you? They expected to great PR footage…instead, 10,000 talked of PTSD, ruined marriages, missing limbs, homelessness, rape, and suicide.

Civility is the Bridge from Chaos to Connection

May we all treat each other with Dignity, Civility, and Honor so that we NEVER need to go to war again! There are answers that do not include violence.

We need to start with creating emotionally intelligent, resilient kids who believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully. We need to guide the bully to be the hero and lead everyone to be a Confidence Booster vs Fault Finder. It IS possible! Let’s work together!

Click here to find out about the Civility Leadership Training that is available at no charge to Brevard County Florida educators starting June 3rd. If you are not an educator in Brevard, this training is also available to you for a fee. It is the first step in creating a business based on my proprietary system.  

Confidence Builds Success Leadership Training is professional development with outstanding professional results. It is designed for members of schools, businesses, nonprofits, families, individuals and community organizations to develop leadership, respect and teamwork and a culture of civility, dignity, and harmony in all relationships.

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