“Marty, what is the One Step I can Take Today that Will Make a Difference in my Life and Business?”

Reset Your Mind Set

It is resetting your mindset that will allow you to not only achieve your ultimate goal and overcome procrastination, but also to give yourself the opportunity to unlock your potential and to remember how magnificent you are.

The Heart of the Matter

The first step is to determine your heart’s desire, how to find it and how to keep it as the focus for your life. You may be thinking well what is my heart’s desire? And how do I find it? You may be feeling that I could never have my heart’s desire. Why bother thinking about it. Why bother putting it out there because I’m sure I can never get it.

It’s not that you don’t have a burning desire, a passion, a dream. It’s just that you might have lost your willingness to be vulnerable enough, open enough, honest with yourself enough, to allow yourself to take ownership of your dream. Stake your claim to what you want.

Stake Your Claim

Stake your claim to what you want. Hold that thought steady to let attraction find its own way and means to have it happen. You have to reset your mindset to get what you want. Now the Law of Supply is that it does it through us not for us. That’s so important I’m going to say it again. The Law of Supply is that it does it through us not for us. You need to determine what you ultimately want and then to take action to bring it to fruition.

You see, the Universe/God whatever you choose to call the organizing force that keeps this planet tilted at 24.3 degree angle to keep us in our orbit around the sun and not shooting off into space, is there to give you exactly what you want. We do need to be flexible about the HOW and the WHEN, but it will give you what we want if you ASK from your heart, write it down and hold it in your conscious mind with the belief it is possible.

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