Get Kids Cooperation and Respect

Have the know-how you need to be more effective with your children and more supportive of yourself.
Create relationships with your children that are
Less stressful and More Rewarding.

With Mindful Parenting, you will learn how to improve the quality of your relationships.

  • TAGTalk MIndful Parenting is an opportunity to ask your toughest questions, get solutions to homework, bedtime, bullying, and defiant children and having more fun!

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Private Transformational Coaching for Parents and Grandparents

Certified International Speaker and Trainer

Marty L Ward is a dynamic speaker and engaging training using her years as an entrepreneur, extensive transformation coaching experience, and master’s in social work, to inspire professionals to use their Emotional Intelligence to connect, communicate and excel. Marty is the undisputed expert in how to motivate audiences to bring dignity, civility and harmony into all relationships.

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Marty L. Ward is a noted author of Get Clear Get Confident Get Going.

In 2015 in a remote village in Tanzania, this book was found in a pile of books to be burned by a missionary, Pastor Buni Alex. He contacted Marty because, like Marty, he had been bullied. The book changed his life. He wanted to know more. Since then, Marty has traveled to Uganda where the TAG 4 Change Movement has reached over 80,000 children, parents, teachers, pastors. They now know how Talented, Able and Gifted (TAG) they are and that “Being Me Matters!” When you know you matter, that makes all the difference.

Are you tired of being stuck and struggling, feeling overwhelmed, and like you are broken and need fixing? Do you want to stop sabotaging your success and instead have a proven system to turn your life and bank account around? Read Get Clear Get Confident Get Going How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Buy Get Clear Get Confident Get Going today.

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10 Tips to Create Confident Kids
Have Happier Kids and Get More Cooperation!