Some of the Results of Civility Leadership Training

50% Reduction in Stress and Conflict

Heather Walcott, teacher and counselor, experienced a “50% reduction in stress and conflict at home and work.” Watch as she shares the impact the training has had personally and professionally.

50% Reduction in Referrals

Jonathan Schuman, high school teacher in Palm Bay, FL, says he had a “50% decrease referrals for disciplinary action, the students are 20% less resistant to changing their negative behavior, 10% improvement in overall grades.”

TAG Kids for Success Each Day

Chris Price, a teacher at Brevard Achievement Center, speaks of the value of knowing a special way to look for the good in each child and see the uniqueness that they contribute to the class with their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs).

Classroom Management is Easier

Natasha Douglas, teacher for 19 years, shares how her classroom management is easier and how you will save time and get the students to cooperate.

The Confidence Build Success Training is a valuable tool for me as a teacher. It gives teachers a clear system to identify each student’s talents, abilities and gifts which in turn gives students the ability to have confidence in themselves.


I would recommend the training program for all teachers. It offers an opportunity for teachers to be aware of how they interact with the student and why the student reacts negatively and how to respond differently to get the result they want.  

Increased My Confidence and Success

Glenn Tillman, high school teacher Houston, Texas, won Teacher of the Year 2018. He attributes the confidence he gained from taking the course to have increased his chances of winning by 30-40%. 

10 out of 10 for Helping with Classroom Management

Chris Price, a teacher at Brevard Achievement Center, gave the training a 10 out of 10 for helping with classroom management. When you know about student’s personality traits, you can “nourish the positive and push them forward. They can make decisions for themselves.” 

This Training is Needed in Our Schools and Community

Testimonies of Jonathan Schuman, High School Teacher, Stacy Westphal Community Advocate, Natasha Douglas, teacher, Deborah Fitch, Executive Assistant share why the Confidence Builds Success Academy Training is needed in our schools and community.

Want to get cooperation from disruptive, disrespectful, challenging kids? Want to have more time to teach or to enjoy your students more?

Together we can reduce suspensions, discipline problems, suicide, and increase confidence, resilience, and cooperation.

It will be offered again July and Oct 2020

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