“Marty, What do you mean I create my own reality? If that is true, why would I create a lot of strife and struggles?”

You create your own reality. How cool is that? That means that you are in total control… Good Luck/Bad Luck, right? Who wants to know that we actually are willing to create lives filled with strife and struggle? Can’t be ME?… Oh no. It has GOT to be the economy, my mother, my husband, and oh, that KID who is making me crazy!

Well, they are who they are. They, too, have their own creative license to make their reality as well. How you react to their antics, how you see them as difficult or with appreciation for who they are, and how you envision the life you want to create that is what you have complete control over.


Free Will

You like having “free will,” right? So you can’t have it both ways – It is NOT MY fault and it is ALL MY fault. If you give up your free will, now you are REALLY out of control. If you take ownership of the life you are creating, now you have your free will back.



Case in point. My dream was starting to come true. I found myself in the flow. I was letting life happen as I saw my vision of the Create Confident Kids Movement happening. I was meeting all the right people. Great people were joining my board. Opportunities were presenting themselves like doing a podcast and two radio shows.

Low and behold, I booked my 6-week Creating Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Program. I was teaching 65 kids what I am passionate about – having them know how FABULOUS they are. I was taking each week on an adventure aboard the FriendShip™ to discover their power within. Each week they have found more treasure of who they are in their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) on each of the Islands.

I had designed the lessons so that the kids were creating Log Books, so, like every good sailor, they had a record of the journey. Problem was that, in order to create the materials for them to use in their Log Book, it was taking me 20 hours each week! YIKES!

What did I do? I started to complain bitterly and repetitively about ALL the work I was doing. The more I complained, the more I felt totally out of the flow. I went from feeling empowered and on a mission to feeling uncomfortable, lost, confused wondering where my Mojo went.



With days, I receive an email in essence saying, “It’s been nice Marty, but we are going to discontinue your program.” To be honest, I was relieved and also very sad and humiliated. WOW! What did this mean about the program? About me as a teacher?

Wake up Call

After allowing myself to look at everything that had happened over the past month of teaching, I saw the problem. The Universe had heard me complaining and, since it loves me very much, it had helped me out! Now I didn’t have to spend all those hours making the materials.


Your Life

Think about your life. Where are you caught up in a situation that ties you into a knot and brings out the worst in you? What are you protesting and complaining about day in day out? More importantly, where are you fighting against something like your kid who is not doing their homework; your husband who is not spending enough time with you; your wife who is not listening to you? What you resist persists.


Turn It Around

Within 48 hours of being told not to come back, I have been welcomed back with open arms. The teacher wrote, “I love your program and I believe in it but we need to tweak it to keep their attention. I am willing to work with you on any level I can. I believe in you and the program do not forget that.”
How did that happen? I got back in the flow. Sounds too easy, right? I agree. I was amazed, and yet not surprised. Once I saw how I had brought it on myself, I could just as easily undo it.

I wrote the teacher a couple of emails about all the kids had learned and that I wanted to come back to have one last lesson for closure for the kids. I relaxed back into focusing on how the program was having an impact on the children’s lives. Each week they were seeing more and more of their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) and how much of a treasure they are to the world.

I started to think of how else they Log Books can be created so they can have fun and it not take so much of my time, talent and treasure. Somewhere I knew the teacher would change her mind and say let’s finish up the program.


Just for Today

Just for today, jump in and go with the flow. Do what has the least resistance. Allow all things to be possible. Rather than fight the current paddling up stream, jump in and allow the flow of the stream to take where you want to go.

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